2016 Snooker’s latest world ranking list list Ding Junhui ranked sixth in the world_1

2016 Snooker latest world ranking list list Ding Junhui ranked sixth in the world
In the early morning of November 21st, Beijing time, the 2016 World Snooker Northern Ireland Open ended at the Titanic Exhibition Center in Belfast. Mark King came behind after 3-5 at halftime, and finally 9-Eight wins over Barry Hawkins, gaining his first career championship and £70,000 championship prize.Ding Junhui won the 2016 Snooker Masters in Shanghai-Ding Junhui is currently ranked fourth in the world. The opening of the Northern Ireland Open means that the new season will enter the fifth ranking node. This ranking will determine the 16 seats for the London Masters next year.The finals ended and the world rankings have changed accordingly. Although Selby, Bingham and Trump are absent from this competition, the three are still in the top three. Selby is firmly seated in the world’s first throne with £824942, Bingham ranked second with 513929 pounds, Trump was ranked third, the prize money was 441499 pounds, behind Binghams 72430 pounds.  The original Trump’s absence gave Ding Junhui a good chance to return to the top three. However, in this game, the Chinese Dragon did not perform well and was blocked by De Lu in the first round.Ding Junhui is still ranked fourth, with a bonus of only 6,574 pounds less than Xiaote, while Higgins, who entered the top 16, narrowed the gap with Ding Junhui. The wizard ranked fifth, only 616 pounds behind Ding Junhui.The three players in the British Championship will start a fierce competition for the third place. Since Ding Junhui and Trump are in the 2/4 area, if Ding Junhui can enter the top 4 in the British Championship, Ding Junhui will definitely surpass the ranking.Trump  Murphy ranked sixth, and the number of bonuses just exceeded the 400,000 mark. Robertson, who has recently performed poorly, remained at seventh, with a bonus of 365,291 pounds, Perry ranked eighth, and the bonus was close to the 300,000 mark.Allen ranked 9th, and Hawkins, who won the runner-up in this competition, rose to 10th, Liang Wenbo ranked 11th, the prize money was 262667 pounds, behind 10th Hawkins, 2358 pounds, if the British Championship Liang Wenbo canGoing further, the ranking is expected to enter the top 10 ranks.  Carter, Karen Wilson, Mark Williams ranked 12-14, and Fu Jiajun, who had a poor performance this season, fell to 15th, with a prize money of 218958 pounds.The last node fell out of the top 16 because of less points deducted by this node, the ranking returned to the top 16 and the bonus amount just exceeded the 200,000 mark.McGill ranked 17th, behind 16th Wharton by 15466 pounds. O’Sullivan, who has not won a championship in the new season so far, has dropped to 18th place due to more points deductions. The prize money is 182583 pounds, 16th behind.Wharton exceeds 20,000 pounds.接下来的英锦赛,火箭必须至少打入半决赛才能追上沃顿进入前16行列 ,虽然本节点的排名不会影响罗尼明年的大师赛参赛资格(奥沙利文是卫冕冠军,自动作为The No. 1 seed played in the tournament), but if the Rockets unfortunately fell out of the top 16, it means that the 16th ranked player will miss the Masters next year.Gould was 19th, and Mark Gold, who won in Northern Ireland, rose to 20th.  In terms of Chinese players, Zhou Yuelong ranked 42nd, Tian Pengfei ranked 48th, Xiao Guodong ranked 53rd, Li Xing ranked 54th, Yu Delu ranked 62nd, Yan Bingtao ranked 74th, Zhang Anda ranked 81st, and Zhang Yong ranked 83rd.,赵心童 第88位,梅希文90位,王雨晨第102位,曹宇鹏第114位,陈喆第117位,方雄慢第119位。  2016斯诺克最新赛事》》2016斯诺克英锦赛完整赛程时间安排表 详细参赛选手名单(比赛时间:11月22日至12月4日)  附:2016年世界斯诺克北爱尔兰公开赛后临时排名  1 塞尔比 824942  2 宾汉姆 513929  3 特鲁姆普 4414990  4 丁俊晖 434925(关注:丁俊晖2016斯诺克最新比赛直播视频+比赛赛程时间安排)  5 希金斯 434309  6 墨菲 409267  7 罗伯逊 365291  8 佩里 296633  9 艾伦 279592  10 霍金斯 265025  11 梁文博 262667  12 卡特 244325  13 凯伦-威尔逊 241508  14 威廉姆斯 220475  15 傅家俊 218958  16 沃顿 203091  17 迈克吉尔 187625  18 奥沙利文 182583