Liberation · Endgame Rescue re-filed, released on December 29

“Liberation · Endgame Rescue” re-filed, released on December 29
Recently, the war film “Liberation · End Rescue” directed by Han Sanping as director, director and chief director of Li Shaohong and director of Chang Xiaoyang exposed the poster of “Victory is in sight” and the plot trailer of “Great Wishes”, the originalAfter the release of “Liberation · Endgame Rescue” scheduled to be released on October 25, it is announced that it will be set again, and will be released on December 29.”Victory is in sight” poster.On the eve of the Pingjin campaign, the film “Liberation and Endgame Rescue” found that on the eve of the general attack of the Pingjin Campaign, the PLA artillery reconnaissance company commander Cai Xingfu and the sense of justice Kuomintang quartermaster Yao Zhe temporarily teamed up to perform a special fire line mission.The “possible completion” operation started quickly with the assistance of underground party members.The “Victory is in sight” version of the poster presents the group portraits of the characters in the war situation. All characters are presented around the five-pointed star symbolizing hope and liberation. The sun is breaking out in the middle of the five-pointed star, and behind the characters are the war-torn buildings.On Monday Wei and Zhong Hanliang stood side by side.In addition, the positions and different expressions of other characters also herald the intricate character relationships and character fate in the film.”Great Wish” version of the trailer.In the “Great Wish” version of the trailer, the question “Wait after liberation, don’t fight, what are you going to do?” Was issued at the beginning, and then each character appeared to fulfill their wishes and work hard.The trailer was filled with various explosive shots, machine gun shots, the sound of soldiers assaulting into the formation, and civilians fleeing.At the end of the trailer, the red flag was finally inserted on the Jiefang Bridge.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Shihui