CBA live Sichuan VS Tongxi game live video address Harris is absent_1

CBA live Sichuan VS Tongxi game live video address Harris is absent
At 19:30 on November 6, Beijing time, in the 2016-17 season CBA league, Sichuan will face Tongxi at home.Sichuan VS Tongxi live video broadcast address: CBA Live 2 (PPTV webpage) CBA Live 2 (PPTV player) The current status of the two teams defending champion Sichuan team encountered great difficulties.Foreign aid Harris broke his palm in the second round and will be absent for 6-8 weeks.In the last round of the game, another foreign aid, the mainstay of the inside, Haddadi, also ended in the fourth quarter due to injury.At present, the Sichuan team has only won one victory. In the next game, the local players’ performance will be crucial.  The sports season of the Tongxi team is huge in the new season. Under the leadership of coach Hu Weidong, he has not yet won a game.The book strength of the Tongxi team with three foreign aids is very good.Young players Feng Xin, veteran Tang Zhengdong and other local players also played very well.This scene will be a good time for the poor Sichuan team to win the first victory of the season.  The two teams analyzed the third round of the regular season. The Sichuan team lost to Zhejiang with a big score and lost two straight games in the regular season.During the campaign, Harris suffered a fractured palm in the match against Guangsha. More unfortunately, Iranian center Haddadi left the game with a left foot injury in the final game with Zhejiang, so it is not surprising that the Sichuan team lost.Sichuan coach Yang Xuezeng reportedly said that Haddadi’s injury is barrier-free and the team will sign Diogu to temporarily replace Harris with an injury stop of 6 to 8 weeks. If this round of the game with Tongxi, Haddadi is injured and Diogu will registerIf the procedures are not completed, the Sichuan team played by the All-China team may defeat the Tongxi team with three foreign aids. The inner gates of the two sides of the team are wide open, and there is also no axis to respond to.Even if Haddadi is able to take the injury, the Sichuan team will encounter the same difficulties as the Zhejiang team, and it is difficult to win.  Tongxi lost to Fujian in the last round and suffered a three-game losing streak.In this battle, the big foreign aid Blair was suspended for two consecutive fouls in the second round of the regular season. One match was suspended in the last round. The opposing Fujian team’s main center Wang Zhelin was also suspended for wearing non-sponsored socks.Son.Local center Tang Zhengdong was brave in the last round of the game, scoring 21 points and 12 rebounds. Abbas also had 22 points and 15 rebounds. It was the play of the two of them who pushed the Fujian team inside. The Fujian team was in Sun Zhehe.After Guo Lei was sent off for six fouls, he had to sacrifice five small ladders.However, even so, the Tongxi team also won.Small foreign aid Cunningham scored 43 points, but his performance was not satisfactory. Except for the three-pointer, his pass organization and defense were not good, and other local players had only low-level mistakes.New coach Hu Weidong coached the Tongxi team for a short time, and it still takes time to run in.  Clash history Sichuan team and Tongxi team have only 4 historical clashes, Sichuan team record is 3 wins and 1 loss.  Record of the confrontation between the two teams last season[Sichuan team 2 wins 2 wins]: Regular season: Sichuan 131:99 Tongxi in the first round; Tongxi 115:120 in the 37th round Sichuan extended reading: 6th CBA live Shandong high speed VS Beijing Shougang videoWatch Address CBA Live Guangdong Hongyuan vs Liaoning Yaodu Video Watch Address