2017 Snooker World Championship semi-finals second stage Ding Junhui VS Selby live address _1

Ding Junhui VS Selby Live Address in the second stage of the 2017 Snooker World Championship semi-finals
Chinese player Ding Junhui temporarily led the defending champion Selby 5:3 in the first stage of the semi-final of the Snooker World Championships on the 27th.  The second stage of the match between the two was at 10 am on the 28th (5 pm Beijing time) and the third stage started at 7 pm (2 am Beijing time on the 29th).Ding Junhui VS Selby live broadcast in the second stage of the 2017 Snooker World Championship semi-final address: click to enter the extended reading: Video review of the 2017 Snooker World Championship semi-final Ding Junhui vs Selby first stage game 2017Ding Junhui’s latest game video and video summary record Ding Junhui 12 wins, 1 draw, 13 losses 2002 China Open wild card round: Selby 5-2 Ding Junhui 2004 first round of the Masters Championship Ding Junhui 5-4 Selby 2005 Wales Open赛资格赛第三轮丁俊晖5-3塞尔比2005年爱尔兰大师赛塞尔比5年丁俊晖塞尔2008年江苏精英赛小组赛丁俊晖2-0塞尔比2008年江苏精英赛决赛丁俊晖 6-5Selby 2008 Super League Group Stage Selby 4-2 Ding Junhui 2008 World Series Moscow Station Semifinals Ding Junhui 4-2 Selby 2009 Championship Snooker League Ding Junhui 2-2 Selby 2010 Masters第一轮塞尔比6-1丁俊晖2010年中国公开赛第二轮丁俊晖5-3塞尔比2010年超级联赛小组赛丁俊晖4-2塞尔比2011年德国大师赛1/4决赛 塞尔比5-1丁俊晖2011年中国公开赛半决赛塞尔比6-3丁俊晖2011年世锦赛1/4决赛丁俊晖13-10塞尔比2011年无锡精英赛半决赛塞尔比6-5丁俊晖  2012年威尔士Open Finals Ding Junhui 9-6 Selby 2012 PTC Finals Round 2 Selby 4-1 Ding Junhui 2012 European Tour 2nd Station Ding Junhui 4-1 Selby 2012 Super League Group Match Ding Junhui 4-2Selby 2013 Champions League third group Selby 3-1 Ding Junhui 2013 German Masters Round 4 Selby 5-3 Ding Junhui 2013 European Tour Belgium Belgium quarter-finals Selby 4-1 Ding Junhui2016 World Championship final Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui 2016 Shanghai Masters final Ding Junhui 10-6 Selby 2016 International Championship final Selby 10-1 Ding Junhui