Yilong defeated Boqiu and won the War of the Century holding up the national flag to celebrate revenge_1

Yilong defeated Boqiu and won the “War of the Century” holding up the national flag to celebrate revenge
On the evening of November 5th, Beijing time, the two-century war between the Chinese monk Yilong and the Muay Thai prince was staged. In June last year, the battle between the dragon and the Boqiu caused the Chinese and Thai alternative kung fu puzzles, and finally competed after three rounds.The dragon eventually lost to its opponents, and now the fighting world century war 2 started a duel. Finally, after three rounds of battle, one dragon won the second battle.Game video: 2016 Monk Yilong vs Muay Thai King Boqiu Fanfan Full-game highlights video recording Yilong won in the two-time battle with Boqiu (data picture) Boqiu played 17 years in the ring and wonWith countless honors and titles, its boxing fans are all over the world, and it is the most influential ace figure in Muay Thai today.And Yilong is hailed as the first person in Chinese traditional martial arts combat, and last year the two played against each other, and Yilong regretted losing to his opponent.Today, before the start of Century War II, Boqiu also used fritters to provoke a dragon. Look, this is fritters. Eating fritters is very simple. I want to eat you like fritters.And Yilong is also a domineering response, saying that he wants to shoot off the broadcast request like a ball.  Before the war tonight began, Yilong closed his eyes and raised his mind, and used a yell to raise his spirits, and Boqiu also opened his eyes to the camera.Under the introduction of the elongated voice of the host, Bo Qiu made a wonderful appearance. Muay Thai first bowed his head to pray for himself. When the music sounded, Bo Qiu officially appeared and showed his leg skills under the eyes of everyone.Then the host introduced Yilong, saying that in a restless society, Yilong still adhered to it. With the enthusiastic applause of the audience and the singing of Shaolin Shaolin, Yilong made a grand appearance with a murderous body. Revenge will be Yilong’s biggest goal.  The Battle of the Century 2 kicked off, and the two sides will fight for three rounds.In the first round, a dragon came up very actively, and his fists and feet were combined to fight against Qiuqiu, but the dragon immediately got up after falling down.The broadcast attempted to cause a very calm, counterattack hitting a dragon, and a dragon fell to the ground twice in the duel, but the referee also warned the broadcast not to foul.It must be mentioned that Boqiu continued to attack in the final stage of this round, hitting a dragon close to his knees. From the scene point of view, the first round of Qiuqiu performed very well.  In the second round, Qiuqiu was also a combination of fists and feet, and he fell down with a dragon in a shuffle, and then he fell to the ground again, which again disrupted the opponent’s rhythm, and the Qiuqiu fist also hit a.The dragon head, but Yilong also attacked at the last moment of this round, pushing the Muay Thai king into the corner to attack.  The third round started. Although they hugged before the start of the decisive battle, there was no friendship after the start of the match. At the beginning of this round, a dragon was dropped to the ground.One dragon was laid down twice on the ground. Even if the ground was not scored, it would affect the rhythm alternately.After the three rounds, both Yilong and Boqiu raised their hands, and Yilong put on a five-star red flag. In the end, all three referees scored 29 to 28, announcing that Yilong won the match.At the end of the second battle, a dragon dressed in a national flag raised his fists and shouted to celebrate a successful revenge.  Yilong thanked the audience in the interview after the game, saying that winning was not so simple, and found that he had dropped a few kilograms before the game, had been dehydrated, was in a trance, lost consciousness during training, and the bridge of the nose was interrupted, butI didn’t say it, I said it after the game, no matter what the result happened, I hope the referee will not suspend the game unless it is beaten to death on the ring.